Fall in love with change

I don't want to be every woman, I am building a tribe. A year ago I decided it was time. After over a decade in corporate America I decided to try things differently. Every marathon starts with a step. What advice would you give yourself if you met you? Be honest, you know best where you need to do better. We all have a moment when we decided that the pain of change is better than the stress of staying in the wrong environment. This is your year to invest in your dreams, launch your business and write your book.

I made a choice to take a leap on purpose last year and I've helped clients navigate the steps to redefine success for yourself. It's not a secret! I traveled the world learning from women breaking through in corporate America. As a brand strategist I get to create programs with major employers to retain top talent and develop inclusive cultures. Why? We’re just like you, we’ve got families and parents. As I start to appreciate the lessons from my leap into entrepreneurship after over a decade with the benefits of corporate America, here are my top 10 steps to take before you leap!

Week One: Take time to explore the person you are becoming. Fall in love with change.

Take time for yourself. Whatever happens next you are going to need your health- mental and physical.

Get spiritually grounded, get self care in your life and experience your family. Evaluate your relationships and your values. Believe your dreams will come true, take the time to savor where you are and catch up on life.

Apply it in your life! Over my transition I revamped my morning routine. I started waking up 3 hours earlier to meditate, pray, prioritize and write. Then I found time to connect with my fellow friends starting up businesses. Connecting with myself outside of being a wife, mother or entrepreneur reminds me I am not defined by my experience or my title.

Center yourself on your identity. Start a journal to document your vision and reflect on your unique experience. Tracking my gratitude and achievements in my journal helped me pause and create a holistic plan for myself before I focused on my vision for my company.

Here to help!


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