Build your tribe- part two

Starting up a company isn't easy. It's even more challenging when you are restarting a family owned business from dormant to revenue generating in a year. I wish there were more articles and posts about what it really takes to make a leap to something new. Here are my top three lessons on being a successful entrepreneur after a life in corporate America.

1. Make a plan. Visualize your ideal day down to the hour. Who will you work with and what will you do? Get clear! What will your life look like when you are in control?

Create your own performance review and keep your accomplishments in front of you. What will position you for your next opportunity?

Focus your energy on the high priority items that will advance your strategy to create a fulfilling career. By focusing on your strengths you can tap into your faith and develop confidence to move forward with your plan.

2. Do your research! Remember the skills that got you here will not get you to the next level. Learn everything you can know about what you want to build. Find out who is interested in solving the problem that drives you. Connect on social media and immerse yourself in your area of interest. Start evaluating what resources you need to make your plan real. Have fun with it and stay organized with apps. Subscribe for tips in your inbox to keep you on track.

3. Inspire action. The most inspirational stories have the most challenging beginnings. Rethink your story and how you will inspire action when you share your goal. Starting anything takes more steps than you think. You may fall down and have a few false starts. No one can predict how your journey will end. Do it anyways.

Inspiration can help you focus and choose which goal you will conquer first. Decide what actions you will take to prove you believe in your leap. Use the contact form to work with me as your leadership coach to help you overcome and re-brand your missteps.

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